The right Sacramento private investigator is asked to serve a diverse community and must possess the skill and experience to handle equally diverse investigations. The ethos of WestPro p.i. is respect for the rule of law and honest dealings with our clients. We conduct our duties daily with a clear commitment to integrity and service to our clients.

We do not:

  • Violate the law.
  • Interfere with public agencies engaged in the lawful, constitutional execution of duties.

    Member: CALI California Association of Licensed Investigators
  • Violate confidentiality or discuss, write about, blog, or fictionalize case information.
  • In most cases, we do not accept domestic “cheating spouse” cases.

We do:

  • Rigorously verify and or challenge the findings of any public or private agency as necessary in accordance with the established expectations of the legal system.
  • Provide accurate, detailed, jargon free reports with clear organization, and economy of words.
  • Offer verifiable expert testimony in a professional manner.